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Preeclampsia Awareness Month

May is Preeclampsia Awareness Month! Join us for the activities we have prepared to talk about preeclampsia, gestational hypertension, eclampsia and HELLP syndrome. Join our community, share your story, and raise awareness all throughout May.


Our Theme:

Your Experience Counts!

Your journey through pregnancy, childbirth, and parenthood is unparalleled. Your experiences, insights, and feedback from your own care are invaluable assets that drive improvements in maternal healthcare.  

EndPreeclampsia has supported patients in real time with evidence-based information for nearly two decades.

Our members come to us for education about hypertensive disorders of pregnancy, for support through one of the greatest traumas of their lives, and for help to learn how to speak up for themselves and their babies in an informed and respectful way in order to achieve appropriate care and better outcomes, so that is what we deliver.  Across our decades of experience as survivors, peer-educators, patient advocates, and patient advisors we see the same problems in maternal healthcare over and over again. Because we see more cases each year of #preeclampsia, #eclampsia, #HELLPSyndrome, #gestationalhypertension and #chronichypertension in pregnancy than any single hospital or clinic around the world we have important insights to share with our patients and our clinical and research partners.  

#YourExperienceCounts and we are going to highlight this topic throughout the month of May!  Together, let's work towards a future where every mother receives the care, support, and respect she deserves.


Your Story

Go to and share your story with preeclampsia for an opportunity to be featured in our website and social media. Tell us about your experience!


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